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Silent Night

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Christmas Isn’t Christmas

Unlike the usual 3 fingers, I used 4 fingers for this song to give it a fuller sound. As I have explained before, in case you are new to this blog/site, please note that you can use any fingers you like, rather than following the fingers I use. The only reason I used the index [...]

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White Christmas

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. I hope  you will enjoy playing it.
These are the “cheat” chords I played…
Part 1: CM7 - A+ - Dm7 - B/D# - Em7 - B/D# - Dm7 - F/G - G+ - Em7 - Am7 - Dm7 - F/G - G
Part 2: CM7 - Bb/C - [...]

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Do You Hear What I Hear

This song has been posted upon the request of a reader. I believe the video should be simple enough to follow.

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Long Time Ago In Bethlehem

There are 2 patterns in this song. But as you would notice in the video, you need only 2 “chords” on the right hand. It’s the left hand that needs to be busy changing the bass notes. But the bass notes aren’t that difficult really, if you can identify a pattern in its movement. It [...]

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