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Won’t Cry

说好不哭 by 周杰伦
This song by Jay Chou is in Bb.
These are the “cheat” chords I played…
Interlude 1: EbM7 - Ebdim - Dm7 - Bbdim - Cm7 - F11 - F
Part 1a: Bb(add2) - Am7b5 - D7
Part 1b: Gm7 - Bb11/F - Bb11
Part 1c: Eb2 - Bb/D
Part 1d: Cm7 - F11 - F
Part 2a: Bb(add2) - [...]

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Here, After, Us

後來的我們 by 五月天
This song by Mayday is in C.

These are the “cheat” chords I played…
Part 1a: C2 - E4 - E7/G#
Part 1b: Am7 - Fm6
Part 1c: Em7 - Am7 - Dm7
Part 1d: G11 - G7b9
Part 2a: C2 - E4 - E7/G#
Part 2b: Am7 - Fm6
Part 2c: Em7 - Am7 - Dm7 - G11
Part 2d: C2 [...]

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Step By Step

一步一步 by 五月天
This song by MayDay is in C.
The chords in brackets are transitional.

These are the “cheat” chords I played…
Part 1a: C2 - Em7 - Am7 - Em7
Part 1b: F - G - Em7 - E7/G# - Am7
Part 1c: AbM7 - G11 - (E7/G#)
Part 1d: Am - G/B - FM7 - Em7
Part 1e: F - [...]

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Miss You All Of A Sudden

突然好想你 by 五月天

This song by May Day is in D.
I started the illustration with the Bridge because this way I can follow the original song to the end by doing a short video while still covering the Verse and Chorus, which are repeated after the Bridge.
Part 1 is the Bridge, Part 2 is the Chorus, [...]

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Wen Rou by MayDay

温柔 — 五月天
This is another song requested by a reader. It’s in the key of G. The early part of Part 1 and Part 2 are actually the same. The video should be quite easy to follow.
The key to playing this song as an accompaniment well is to get the beat / rhythm right.
Have fun.

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